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Let Us Take The Worries Out Of Your Vacation

We specialize in caregiving for pets in the comfort and security of their own environment, your home.

Do not traumatize your pets with a short or long term stay away from their familiar home environment by boarding them with friends, neighbors or kennels, when it is most likely more cost effective, and less stressfull for your pets to remain at home and recieve that love and effection daily from our well trained and caring staff.

Our services also include home sitting/security services while you are away at no extra cost. (Unless you wish to have installed any or or all of our state of the art electronic montoring systems).  

We provide a consultation meeting with you and your pet(s) before you go away, at a convenient time in the privacy of your own home.

This interview is a time for you to get acquainted with us and to discuss the services, schedules and special care your pet(s) will require while you are away.

Each contract is designed to meet you and your pets needs.

Your pets receive their meals at the time you feed them.

Pets always receive fresh water at every visit.

Your pets receive their necessary medications.

Your pets get plenty of playtime/exercise and companionship while you are away.

GopherXpress pet sitting services also serves as a crime deterrant while you are away from home. Your pet's and home's security is paramount. We collect your mail, newspapers and flyers. We will rotate your lights/window coverings, put out your garbage/recycle bins, water your indoor plants, check heating/air conditioning and more.

We also have a wide array of state of the art electronic monitorng, intrusion and motion detection alarm systems, audio video surveillance devices etc. which can be installed for full time protection at an additional cost.

Should you wish full time, live in home protection, this is also available at an additional fee.

We also provide special pet services like nail clipping, ear swabbing, daily brushing and healthy treats For an additional fee.

We love and care for your pets, and the protection of your home and property like you do. We will ensure that they receive lots of love and attention. After all, there's No Place Like GopherXpress Pet Sitting and Home Security Service !



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