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Wireless Home Security Features

Heres What You Get
For additional peace of mind while vacationing. GopherXpress will Install the Protector Plus Voice Dialer security system –and give your home the protection it deserves. When triggered by an intruder, the Protector Plus Voice Dialer security system sounds a screaming siren, flashes lights and automatically phones up to four pre-set numbers to deliver a pre-recorded message for maximum home protection – these units may be rented for the duration of your vacation or purchased outright from GopherXpress!

  • Flashing lights and emergency dialer provide excellent protection
  • 16-zone security with Motion, Door & Window Sensors
  • No false alarms!


Bonus Features

When the Protector Plus Voice Dialer is triggered by door or window sensor, motion detector panic button, it sounds a powerful 85dB siren, flashes lights, and calls 4 phone numbers – be it your own cell or work phone, your family, neighbors or friends. It then plays a “security alert message” (that you’ve recorded). If the first number doesn’t answer, it phones the next, and so on – and it’s not fooled by answering machines. Once someone is reached, they can listen in to your house directly through the Protector Plus Voice Dialer.


XCam2 COLOR Wireless Security Camera System
The incredible XCam2 Wireless Security Camera System provides home and business owners with the added security of reliable video surveillance.


When motion is sensed your VCR automatically turns on and records the action, then turns off when no motion has been sensed. No wasting tape!

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