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Depend On Us For Prompt Service of Your Documents

Serving the Legal Community

GopherXpress assists law firms and corporate law departments to overcome the challenges associated with information access, control and dissemination. From capture and coding to duplication and distribution, GopherXpress leverages the latest technology to create efficient document management solutions for our clients.

GopherXpress is designed to help corporations identify, control and ultimately reduce legal document management costs — no matter which outside counsel is handling a case. By partnering with GopherXpress, most corporations realize immediate savings and gain the ability to track their costs by case.

Advantages of an GopherXpress LDS Solution
  • Valuable reporting/capture of historical data and measurement of expenses
  • Effective cost management
  • Consistent quality of services
  • Streamlined administrative and operational efficiencies
  • Standardized pricing, nationwide
  • Fully leveraged buying power
If you don't think your legal document management costs are out of line, consider that 8% of litigation costs are usually tied to document expenses*. We also encourage you to examine the following:
  • How much does your department currently spend on legal document management costs?
  • How does accounts payable currently track legal expenses incurred through outside counsel relationships?
  • How much are you being charged monthly or annually by outside counsel to reproduce documents?
  • What guidelines does outside counsel follow while making buying decisions related to your business?

Quality Assurance

When it comes to legal document production, quality is the bottom line. At GopherXpress, we employ the most rigorous and comprehensive quality control process in the industry. The result of our efforts is a quality compliance record that averages 98.9% on every project we handle.

Training is the main reason for these consistently high marks. Every employee must successfully complete an intensive training program before handling any client documents. Ongoing training is also provided in both production and litigation management techniques to ensure we maintain our exceptional quality standards.

We also specialize in:

  • Asset location
  • Asset Recovery
  • Repossessions
  • Skip Tracing
  • Investigation Services
  • Litigation Preperation Services
  • Pre-Trial Research
  • Over 30 yrs. experience

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